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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


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Takeaways from the Marketing Champions Webinar

Takeaways from the Marketing Champions Webinar

This is the boots-on-the-ground advice from the panelists at our Financial Marketing webinar. Though you might have missed it, we’ve got the main points here. And don’t worry, you can always watch the full recording whenever you want. 

Quotes from Financial Marketing Champs:  

  • “Know your brand and stay true to it. Create epic experiences for clients and the community.”  
  • “You can’t be everything to everyone, but you’ve gotta be something to some people.” 
  • “Treat clients like their mama would.” 


Watch the Full Recording Here:

Watch Webinar Now!


The Panelists: 

  • Lori Walker, Chief Marketing Officer, Chambers Bank, $1.2 billion in assets 
  • Robyn Breshears, Executive Director, Sales, Service & Support, Arvest Bank, $28 billion in assets 
  • Candace Washington, VP, Member Engagement, OnPath Federal Credit Union, $500 million in assets 

The Hosts: 

  • Ashley Incardone, Growth Manager, DBSI 
  • Casey Mendivil, Visual Communication Strategist, Digital Creative Agency 

Top Marketing Initiatives for 2022 

Resoundingly, digital adoption is the most important goal for our FI marketing execs this year. Also topmost is the need to expand the use of universal bankers. Internal communication is also important to these bankers — how to streamline marketing messages to sales team members and front-line staff. 

To-Do for 2023 

  • Offer more consultative services — focus on how to help clients be more financially savvy and meet them at every stage of their financial journey 
  • Maximize use of marketing automation software to speak to clients on a different level 
  • Deliver an omnichannel experience — no matter how the client interacts with the FI, the experience looks and feels the same 

Types of Marketing Mediums 

LinkedIn and Facebook, geofencing, beacons in branches, retargeting ads to promote services. Some are still using print when it makes sense, especially with QR codes. Arvest has implemented video meeting software, which combines the human element with digital.  

Most Successful Campaigns 

Clearly, the most successful campaigns are those that touch the heart. Located in New Orleans, OnPath mobilized in the wake of Hurricane Katrina with their “We Are” campaign, texting members to let them know branch status and reopen quickly. They also organized donations from credit unions in other states. “Our tech enabled us to let our members know we’re they for them, we won’t leave them high and dry, and we’ll do it again whenever needed,” said Candace. 

In Arkansas, Arvest Bank has led the Million Meals campaign for over 15 years, collecting food and monetary donations for local food banks. Clients can donate in person or via the mobile app.

And Everyone’s Favorite Topic: Best Practices for Strategic Planning

  • Formulate a plan based on departmental goals, focused on what the clients are talking about
  • Get everyone involved – don’t create siloed plans
  • Have contingency to reroute budget
  • Plan for short and long termWatch
    Want to level up your marketing? Request a free content audit from our Digital Creative Agency. They'll assess your current state, get a deep understanding of your marketing and sales goals, and then create a strategy guaranteed to deliver.