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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


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The Micro-Branch Strategy that won top award for customer experience

The Micro-Branch Strategy that won top award for customer experience

America's Credit Union's micro-branch strategy was the result of finding a way to utilize an unused space to quickly provide their Dallas members with next generation banking.


America’s Credit Union was looking to make an immediate impact.

With a full branch transformation in the works, they knew their Dallas community would have access to next generation banking, but they had no desire to make their members to wait any longer.

Was there an immediate and effective banking solution they could provide?

They turned to their trusted partner, DBSI to find the answer.

When our DBSI team learned that they owned an administrative office in a high-traffic area of corporate offices, we knew we had to capitalize on the large, outdated, unused space inside. So the America's Credit Union team made a trip out to DBSI's Ideation Center to discover the latest trends in retail banking and technology. 

Through this visit, they ultimately discovered the perfect solution: a modular microbranch, known as JunXion, that offers a flexible millwork solution where different elements can be picked up and moved to its new location once ready. Building a traditional-sized branch bank is a big undertaking, and by the time approvals and permits are gathered and construction is finished–the timeline can be anywhere from 24-36 months. A JunXion however, can be rolled out in a fraction of that time.

When our DBSI team uncovered that America's Credit Union wanted to serve their Dallas market faster than their branch transformation would allow, we strategized the perfect way to provide an immediate community presence, while shrinking their branch footprint. And when America’s CU permanent branch recently opened the doors to their new space, they were able to successfully uninstall this JunXion so they can test it in new markets.


Why a micro-branch was the perfect solution


A micro-branch is a smaller version of a large, physical branch operation–with a big infusion of technology. Ranging from 150 square feet to 1,500 square feet in size, it provides most of your branch network’s services with fewer staff members and more technology solutions to bring clients a superior customer experience. In essence, the micro-branch makes a great investment for any bank or credit union trying to increase reach while keeping costs down.



By introducing a Teller Cash Recycler into this small space, America’s Credit Union was able to cut operational costs by reducing the amount of tellers, and deploying a full-service micro branch in a fraction of the time.

With three digital signage screens, members are well-informed while banking and can receive both advisory and transaction services to meet them wherever they’re at in their financial journey.

DBSI surpassed our expectations and standards at every single step of the project. Their innovative concepts and designs, alongside their commitment to excellence, have been immensely valuable in reimagining our member journey. DBSI has helped us to realize our brand, and our vision, and define the blueprint for our retail experience. Our partnership with DBSI has well-positioned us for success and growth for years to come." - Chief Innovation Officer, America's Credit Union



low-risk, adaptability

Let’s face it, we know things change. If new plans arise or if your new market isn’t performing as planned, the entire JunXion branch can be
picked up and moved, just like America’s Credit Union has done. Their full branch transformation is completed and they are ready to test this effective micro-branch in new markets!

For more information on shrinking the branch footprint in your network or building a new micro-branch, please reach out to us by calling 1-855-ASK-DBSI or filling out our online form.


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