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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


3 min read

4 Ways Your In-Branch Signage Is Failing You

4 Ways Your In-Branch Signage Is Failing You

When you put up posters and signs, print-out brochures, write-on white boards, and place cardboard pop-ups in your branch, you have a goal. A goal to increase awareness of products and services, educate clients along their financial journey, establish a presence for your brand, and build better relationships with your current and potential clients. However, the current methods you're using (like those mentioned above) won't help you achieve those goals. In fact, they are preventing you from achieving them. Here's how...

4 Ways Your In-Branch Signage Is Failing You

1. Your branch messaging is boring

First things first: today's client is digital-minded. Everywhere they look in their daily lives, they are surrounded by screens—whether that be their phone, a TV, a flashing billboard, you name it. This has made them accustomed to engaging, digital content. That means that your printed signage is being ignored (and may even be boring your clients).

Bad Signage In Bank Branch

Example: In this branch, the person with the best handwriting was tasked with writing the most recent promotion on a board. Can you guess how many people saw this and asked about how to save that 2%? Not one.

Your Solution: Leave your static signage behind and update your branch messaging with engaging digital signage. From dynamic screens to wow walls to interactive displays, the potential for creating fun, informative, and exciting branch messaging is unlimited. 


2. Your content is dated, off-target, misleading and/or confusing

Your in branch signage is one of the only ways that a client can learn about your offerings; so what happens when you don't get it right? You lose trust and business. Not to mention, constantly updating content with reprints can be very timely and expensive (and it isn't very good for the environment). Plus, it is nearly impossible to ensure every branch is always updating their messaging on time, or at the same time, meaning one branch can have accurate messaging, and the other can be outdated by weeks—or even months. 

Brochures in bank branch

Example: In this branch, they rely on brochures and small posters to advertise their services and products and to encourage client to on-board onto their mobile banking app. The reality is that the offers in these pamphlets are outdated because they have been sitting their untouched for months. And the poster with an image of a cellphone but no directions on how to get started with the mobile banking solution is confusing, and frustrating for clients looking for valuable, actionable information.

Your Solution: Digital signage displays can be updated in real time, across all branches. This means no more expensive printing, no more sending 10 emails to ensure one sign gets updated, and a whole lot of money and time saved.

3. Your community messaging fails to connect

Your branches all serve a local community, so on top of consistent and updated content among your branch network, you also need to ensure that your messaging it tailored to the community that each branch serves. For example, if your branch is located in a downtown business center, your messaging should lean toward business and commercial offers. If you aren't speaking their language, you're not speaking to them at all. And community messaging goes beyond just matching offers and content to local needs; it also includes efforts to establish a community presence, through business partnerships and highlights, community event features, and other local news updates. 

Community board in branch

Example: In this branch, bulletin boards are their chosen method of community messaging, which is a really unsuccessful method. They are constantly outdated, filled with random flyers, and do very little to actually establish a relationship with the members of the community you serve.

Your Solution: Digital community boards are a great alternative to solutions like this, as they allow for completely customized content across the entire branch network based off their location. From business highlights, to employee and client features, to social media updates, to local news and weather—the digital community board makes a name for your branch in the community and establishes a relationship with your clients.


4. You're missing an opportunity to communicate your brand and vision

To stay relevant in today's market, you need to stand out—and that starts with strong branding. From colors to your logo to your company value, mission, and differentiating filters, your in-branch signage is one of the most easiest ways to show them off. But if you're relying on your boring, outdated, non-relevant printed, static signage to do that, you're going to be let down every single time. In today's market, where almost every business has a marketing team, you have to keep yours up-to-par if you want to get noticed.

Outdated credit union branch

Example: In this branch, none of the signage is standing out, the branding is both lacking and dull. When a potential client enters this branch, it would be easy for them to forget what branch they are in... it looks just like your competitor's branch a mile away. 

Your Solution: A good retail environment is unique to the business and screams their branding, messaging, and uniqueness. Well-placed dynamic displays can turn a branch environment from a DMV experience to an Apple, Lush, or Home Depot experience (aka an elite, consistent, and even fun retail experience). 

Don't let your signage fail you any longer.

Get started on your shift to digital signage today. And if you're interested in seeing what our Digital Signage Agency has to provide your financial institution, you can download our features checklist for free!

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