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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


3 min read

6 Big Ideas Shared at Financial Brand Forum 2018

6 Big Ideas Shared at Financial Brand Forum 2018

If you didn’t make it to the Financial Brand Forum event in Las Vegas, then you missed out on what was probably the coolest banking event of the year. (Seriously. It was awesome!) 

Thousands of financial industry leaders and the brightest minds in banking gathered together for three days of learning from A-list speakers like Guy Kawasaki and Randi Zuckerberg, sharing best practices with other industry veterans, and developing innovative growth tactics.

One of the many highlights from this year’s event included a session with DBSI CEO, John W. Smith, on “The Art of Inception: 6 Insanely Clever Content Strategies for Engaging with Digital Signage.” It was a packed house for Smith’s early morning session, and attendees left the room blown away with tangible examples for turning digital signage into an irresistible engagement tool.

One attendee, CMO of Deer Valley Credit Union, Jenn Wade, had this to say about Smith’s session content:

“His presentation showed how tech-forward a branch can be while maintaining a high level of personalization, which then allows a financial institution to create a strong synergy between digital and the human element.”

What was the specific content Smith presented that made such a distinct impression on attendees like Jenn Wade? We’re glad you asked!

Here are 6 key takeaways...

The average banking consumer has over 15 different banking products, but only about 2.5 of those are with their primary financial institution. So what are some ways banks and credit unions can differentiate themselves in today’s market? 

1. Communicate to your clients in every stage of life.

Most major retailers understand how to tailor their products and services to their customers’ needs. Financial institutions need to do the same. Banking clients have different needs based on where they are in life’s journey. The good news is that most financial institutions already have products and services to meet those specific needs all along the way. So the only thing left to do is find the best ways to communicate what you offer, whether that be through interactive experiences (in-branch or online), or engaging content displayed on your digital signage, or any other variety of communication channels.

2. Make onboarding easy for your clients.

A client’s earliest experience with your institution is often the most meaningful. This is why onboarding is so important to get right. Whether it’s helping a client process their first transaction or helping them download and set up their mobile app, the process needs to be a simple, struggle-free experience. We know that client loyalty increases 171% with access to and use of mobile apps and online tools. So onboarding is the perfect opportunity to start building that connection. (Speaking of the importance of relationships... )

3. Differentiate by strengthening your client relationships.

Why do clients choose your financial institution over the hundreds of others that are out there? If you answer, “Because of our people and service,” then you’ve answered just like 98% of all the other banks and credit unions. (And that’s definitely not differentiation.) To truly differentiate, you need to get personal with your clients. One simple way to do this is through a “Meet the Team” page on your website or app for your in-branch digital signage that lists basic details about each staff member. In doing so, you’ll deepen your connection with your clients and give them the sense of power that comes with choosing who they bank with.

4. Drive business through community connections.

Banks and credit unions play an important part in their local communities. So why not highlight the impact you have within your immediate context? Of course you don’t want to just toot your own horn. Instead, you could put the spotlight on your business clients through digital signage ads throughout all your branches. In doing so, you’re offering tremendous value to both the client being advertised as well as your clients who see the ads for local businesses and services. DBSI executed this strategy at a four-branch bank in Northern California, and in 90-days the bank added 60 new commercial accounts. (In other words, strategies like these really do work!)

5. Create an intriguing, interactive branch experience. 

Transforming the in-branch experience is critical to a financial institution’s success. To stay relevant (and grow), banks and credit unions should look at ways to enhance their clients’ experience from the moment they walk into a branch. Retailers like Apple have done this well. Bright, open spaces, digital signage, and interactive displays really seem to make a positive impact with clients, helping them be more engaged. Adding gamification—like quizzes, spin the wheel for prizes, or matching games—is just one example of how to make learning about your products and services both entertaining and relevant.

6. Provide value to your clients through education. 

Educating clients on your products and services should be more than marketing mailers and up-sell conversations in the branch. Thankfully technology now makes it easier than ever to provide clients tremendous value through education. A personalized financial fitness survey, like Financial Healthcheck for example, allows clients to assess themselves on key financial indicators in about 90 seconds. It gives them immediate results on how they compare against others, and educates them on services or products you might provide to help them reach their financial goals. But the key is to provide your clients with educational value first.

The DBSI Financial Brand Forum presentation covered loads of other valuable insights as well and answered pressing questions for banks and credit unions of all sizes.

Interested in hearing this presentation for yourself? Let’s set a time to connect! We’d be happy to deliver a customized version of this popular presentation for you and your team.