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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


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Embracing the Future of Banking: Insights from BankSpaces 2024

Embracing the Future of Banking: Insights from BankSpaces 2024

The recent BankSpaces conference gathered leaders from top financial institutions across the U.S. earlier this month to discuss the future of banking. Mike Forsyth, Director of Transformation Strategy at DBSI, joined the stage alongside Carla Trombly, SVP of Branch & ATM Channel Optimization at Synovus, to highlight the importance of having a strategic partner like DBSI when creating a seamless omnichannel banking experience. 

Their conversation highlighted three key takeaways: investing in staff training, ensuring consistency across channels, and leveraging technology to enhance customer service.

Forsyth opened the session by addressing a pressing question in the financial industry: Is the physical bank branch becoming obsolete? To that, Forsyth responds, "The branch is never going away. We will change how we envision and utilize them, but they will remain a key component to the overall banking experience."

Synovus’s transformation efforts highlight the effectiveness of strategic partnerships for financial institutions. Their initiative to apply consistent design elements across a large, multi-region network and adapt to varying markets demonstrates how flexibility and strategic insights are critical to driving successful changes. 

Another key aspect of upgrading the branch experience is investing in staff training. Well-trained employees are essential for offering advisory-level services across all branches, ensuring a high-touch experience that complements digital interactions. By equipping employees with the right tools and training, banks can enhance customer service and engagement.

The discussion also focused on creating consistency across digital and physical channels. By applying uniform design elements and maintaining flexibility to adapt to different markets, banks can provide a seamless customer experience, whether online or in person.

“Our goal is to position Synovus so that we can have that high touch, high tech effect and then allow the customer to choose how they would like to engage with us,” Trombly mentioned while on stage.

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Technology also plays a pivotal role in enhancing customer service and engagement. Forsyth and Trombly discussed the benefits of tools like Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) and video banking, which streamline operations and allow bankers to focus on advisory roles.

ITMs, capable of completing 80% to 90% of transactions traditionally handled by tellers, can significantly enhance efficiency (QDS). This blend of high-tech and high-touch interactions is essential for meeting modern customer expectations.

According to DBSI’s 2024 Inside the Boardroom Report, ranked this year’s top strategic initiatives for financial institutions, with 65% focusing on improving their digital banking experience, 58% to target new markets, and 45% planning to increase their number of branches.

Forsyth’s insights at BankSpaces help provide a roadmap for financial institutions aiming to stay competitive. For more information on how DBSI can help your institution succeed, explore our website to learn more or contact us at info@dbsi-inc.com.