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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.

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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


2 min read

FHC and Service Sidekick—Two New Innovations to Boost Advisory Conversations and Warm Leads

FHC and Service Sidekick—Two New Innovations to Boost Advisory Conversations and Warm Leads

When clients walk into your branch today, how are you helping them navigate through life's financial journey? Are they openly sharing their goals and interests and asking you for advice on the right products and services for their unique aspirations? Or do you feel like you're playing a game of 20 questions just to figure out what they really need?

Even in a financial institution, talking about money can get a little uncomfortable... which means striking up conversations with clients about their goals and products can be challenging. What's more, declining in-branch transactions have created fewer opportunities for staff to connect with clients face-to-face — so staying relevant and engaging clients more effectively is more important than ever before.

What if there was a way to better uncover clients' financial goals and interests? Even better, what if you could use those connection points to supercharge the advisory conversations in your branch?

What if we told you we created two new apps for that?

Meet Financial HealthCheck (FHC) and Service Sidekick — New Innovations Exclusively from DBSI

Created exclusively to help banks and credit unions personalize client connections with data-driven insights, these newly-released innovations are changing the way financial institutions generate leads, drive traffic back to the branch, and increase advisory conversations.

Wondering how? Read on!

Financial HealthCheck (FHC)

FHC is an online tool that helps anyone self-assess key financial indicators in just 90 seconds, generating an instant report of how they're doing financially and where they stand against their peers. Once complete, people then have the option to receive this report by email, or take it one step further and request an appointment to review with a banking staff member.

From these requests, your financial institution receives a real-time lead alert with the information from that same report. With every submission, you'll learn more about your client's unique financial hopes, dreams, and aspirations — everything you need to help guide relevant advisory conversations (without even asking!)

You'll even receive a lead dashboard to help organize all the information you collect, which include:

  • Contact information
  • Financial needs and goals
  • Income and debt profile
  • Financial obligations of items such as auto loans, mortgage or credit card debt and what they are paying currently
  • Banking accounts held across all financial institutions (not just yours!)
  • Demographics of who is using the tool including averages of age, marital status and gender
  • Financial analytics including averages for income, debt, savings, retirement funds and more
  • Insights into common financial goals for a better understanding of how to align your product messaging

Who wouldn't want data like this?


Service Sidekick

Service Sidekick is designed to take the anonymous activity completed on your interactive digital signage and turn it into actionable interest with real-time alerts and analytics.

Service Sidekick Overview

The moment a client interacts with a product or service content on your digital signage screens, banking staff members immediately receive a notification to their wearable device (ie: smartwatch), tablet, or PC to alert them on what is viewed. Once a staff member accepts the interaction, they can engage clients with a conversation tailored to the exact products and services they're interested in.

By enabling Service Sidekick, staff members are empowered with the tools and information to accurately advise to client interests - which means they can eliminate the guesswork on what clients need, personalize conversations based on real activity, and spend less time engaging in cold conversations.

What will the market gain from these applications?

By simultaneously educating consumers on where they stand financially and staff with lead information to better align products back to clients' specific goals, FHC and Service Sidekick provide stronger client relationships, more advisory conversations and a positive impact to overall sales and number of products per household.