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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.

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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


2 min read

Innovate or Die: 3 Ways to Save Time on Branch Transformation

Innovate or Die: 3 Ways to Save Time on Branch Transformation

Part 2 in our #SaveMe Guide to Painless Branch Transformation

So you’ve been planning Branch Transformation for what feels like an eternity, but actual progress seems as elusive as Nessie? 

You're not alone. Financial institutions often come to us after months of meetings on different solutions for Branch Transformation without any clear answers in sight. 

And those meetings are really sucking up your most limited resource: time.

Senior executives devote more than two days every week to meetings, more than half of which are "ineffective" (and probably pretty boring), according to a Bain & Company study

Meanwhile, continued indecision gives your competitors the chance to innovate first, as you lag further behind. 

At DBSI, Branch Transformation is our speciality, and we've learned a few ways banks and credit unions can save time in this process. 

Here are three time-saving ideas to get you closer to your branch of the future. 

1. Spend One Day at the Ideation Center, Save Countless Meeting Hours


A one-stop-shop saves you time by bringing everything you need to one place, and the Ideation Center is your one-stop for Branch Transformation. 

That's because one day at the Ideation Center can save you months of meetings and researching solutions. Instead, you can see and experience over 20 of the top trends and innovations in retail banking all in one place, including designs and technology for: 

  • Branch optimization 
  • Advisory environments 
  • Universal associates and more
You can see what ideas could work for your branches, and which may not, in one day at the Ideation Center.
It's "the most productive use of time you can spend during the process,” said one visitor from the Bank of Idaho. 
2. Launch Your Digital Signage First


While planning future branch (and updating decades old designs) takes time, you can transform your traditional branch experience in just a couple months with digital signage.

And with the right strategy and design, digital signage can have a huge impact. In fact, clients of our Digital Signage Agency have reported back with some fantastic results so far: 

  • 34% better branch experience 
  • 30% greater awareness of products and services 
  • 28% improved brand awareness 
  • 15% sales increase! 

While the average branch transformation takes an average of 7 months to a year to complete, you can implement a digital signage strategy in just 2-3 months.

And by getting started with your digital strategy first, your staff can become familiar with this technology sooner, and you can see what works and adjust your digital strategy for even better results in your new branches. 

3. Go with a Proven Process

One of the reasons Branch Transformations can stall is that there's no clear plan or path to follow. 

But at DBSI we created our own 6d Process for Branch Transformation to discover our client's unique differentiation and goals and express that in the design of each physical location (See how it worked for Profinium Bank).

As a comprehensive design-build firm, we also save our clients time it takes to coordinate all the aspects that go into Branch Transformation project: from consultation and real estate, to design and technology, staff training, and more.

And unlike other design firms and contractors, Branch Transformation is our speciality. We get banking, and that saves our clients, like Ann Riley, CEO of Mohave FCU, a lot of time.

“I wasted so much time looking at other companies, only to be disappointed with their responses,” she said. “DBSI really has the whole process mapped out, making it easy. . .I only wished I had called them sooner." 

Whether your Branch Transformation project is big or small, DBSI can help you define your goals and deliver results.

Learn more about how you can spend a day at our Ideation Center, get started with your digital transformation strategy with our Digital Signage Agency, or contact us using the form below to learn more about our process.