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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.

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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


2 min read

No Boring Bankers Here: Synovus Shows They're Ready to #GetThere

No Boring Bankers Here: Synovus Shows They're Ready to #GetThere

When we touched down in Atlanta for the Synovus Retail Banking Conference, we knew it was a GREAT opportunity to hand out some swag and talk about transformation. What we didn't know was that it would be a conference like no other.


" 'Banking is boring', said nobody ever at Synovus."- Ashley Incardone, Growth Manager, DBSI Creative Agency

What we found: Cool hats. Pink hair. Wild outfits. And that the Synovus team is an amazing group with an uncommon desire and drive to jump to a new level of service and mission to community. We were overwhelmed with their enthusiasm and interest in growth and changing the perception of banking.

We wheeled in our digital signage, our 3D design-scapes, and our newest branch-of-the-future tech (alongside our partner CFM). It was all great. But best of all, the conversations were more than, “How can we get more people to bank with us?”

It was about making a difference, bringing people together to deliver the best experience possible.

"So grateful to DBSI and CFM for creating our 'future room'. You brought the vision to life!"- Liz Wolverton, Head of Consumer Banking and Brand Experience, Synovus




Alisa Semyekhina demonstrated interactive digital signage ... and helped open a checking account!

"Synovus is a group of such amazing people who have the drive and desire to serve their customers and communities in better ways,” said Alisa Semyekhina, director of the Creative Agency and Marketing. “Creating the future of their banking reality, and not settling with the results of the now but challenging themselves to re-imagine potential.” Not only did Alisa interface with Synovus to understand their mission and help them discover the capabilities of DBSI's branch-of-the-future, she also helped a facility employee open a checking account ON THE SPOT. (More on this story to come in a later blog post!)


Jared Jones delivered the branch-of-the-future "address"

“The bank of the future won’t just be one thing,” said Jared Jones, director of sales. “It won’t just be a well thought design, it won’t just be your technology stack, and it won’t just be ensuring there’s good customer / teammate interaction. No… the bank of the future will be developed through deliberate, strategic actions of looking at all elements needed to  differentiate your institution from others with the only element you can – from your experience.”

Our on-site branch-of-the-future

Curious about what was in our booth? We made it fun and simple, with exploration stations for visitors to see how they can have:

  • More space for relationship bankers to thrive
  • More efficient client experience
  • Improved employee and customer engagement
  • Cutting-edge in-branch communications

Ashley Incardone, growth manager at DBSI, was similarly inspired. "We've been to so many conferences and have never had the fun we did here. We could barely finish opening our swag boxes before getting swarmed by excited Synovus team members. We're thrilled to bring the branch of the future to Synovus and can't wait to help them 'Get There'."


Ashley Incardone hypnotized Synovus team members with her digital signage demonstration

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