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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


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The Top FI Branch Transformations in Arizona

The Top FI Branch Transformations in Arizona

There's more to Arizona than cowboys and cacti -- come to the Ideation Center and we can prove it!

 Almost half of all consumers did not bank at a physical branch in 2017, according to PwC. Nevertheless, 65% of consumers feel it is important for banks to maintain physical branches. So, what do we do? Consumers expect a seamless experience when they interact with their financial institution, whether that is through digital channels or physically there in the branch. Consumers don’t need to use branches to conduct transactional business, they need branches for more involved problems and situations. This means FIs need to perfect both sides of the customer experience to be successful in a competitive market.

We know what consumers want, so why hasn’t every FI just made the change? There are a lot of barriers that get in the way of transformation. Legacy technology tends to be the most expensive barrier preventing a seamless service experience. Making it difficult for branches to change their workflows if the technology doesn’t give them the flexibility they need. Some FIs are taking on transformation alone or with inexperienced builders and designers—which tends to miss the mark. It can be intimidating to get started, know where to start, or simply because the risk of failing is too high. That’s why it’s good to start looking at some examples of FIs doing it right. Not just in theory, but in practice.

We have some great examples right here in our backyard, that also happens to be a well-known vacation spot. Who says business trips have to be inconveniently located? Arizona can be your one-stop shop to see these transformation strategies out in the wild to help build your plan to transformation for your market.

Top Branches in Arizona

Branch #1 Unison Bank

First, we needed to create a design where the needs of Unison’s customers and their employees could be met in one place. Unison decided to consolidate from two branches to one branch within their headquarters. The HQ space was specifically designed to accommodate growth including a future-flex space that could easily adapt to needs down the road, technology, and trends.

Branch #2 Vantage West Credit Union

Vantage West took innovation by storm with their 10 x ‘22 Expansion Strategy plan (10 new locations by 2022). Their brand is all about being dedicated to earning and rewarding the loyalty of the people and communities they are connected with, so they can all thrive together. This theme, of being highly connected to the community, is tied into every aspect of the design and the strategy behind the technology integration.

Branch #3 First Credit Union

First Credit Union came to us with a traditional design that worked well in its heyday but needed some adjustments for today’s market. We updated their workflow with teller towers instead of teller lines which encourages a conversational experience for members. The new design is open and interactive which reduces confusion and creates opportunities to up-serve clients. This transformation happened in a high-traffic branch, without ever interrupting business. Check out the video to see how we made it happen.

Branch #4 One AZ

One AZ has done it all when it comes to transformation including a new ground-up project, nine remodel/tenant improvements, one back-up data center, corporate HQ renovations, and the rebranding of 20 locations. The new ground-up, freestanding branch infused the brand into every aspect of the physical experience, while also creating an Apple-like prototype with the latest in-service technologies, consultation, and learning.

Branch #5 Banker’s Trust

For this transformation we created strategic design elements that incorporated all business aspects of the Banker’s Trust identity into their regional HQ, delighting both staff and clients. The modern design provides a welcoming space for Banker’s Trust to build one-on-one relationships between clients and their private bankers.

Branch #6 Deer Valley Credit Union

After a major re-branding campaign in 2016, Deer Valley Credit Union began the task of transforming their Anthem branch into a space that exemplified their defining values—own, simple, and personal. The new design is now a space that eliminates the barriers found in traditional branches. Its free-flowing and open concept plan is inviting and easy to navigate.

The result is a branch that was awarded in the 2017 Design Excellence Awards for a Special Function Space from the American Society of Interior Designers Arizona North Chapter.

Branch #7 Insert your branch here

Visit the Ideation Center to dream up your future branch.

Here is where you can turn all of the ideas spinning around in your head into a plan to execute. Our famous Ideation Center is an interactive showroom where bankers are immersed in a creative process and can bring a transformation plan to life. With access to the best designers, architects, technologies, and bank innovation strategists at their fingertips, bankers leave inspired and ready to tackle industry problems. Here, transformation thrives.

Want to take a tour of the best branches of Arizona? We would love to take you and your team on a VIP tour of AZ. Experience the diverse landscape of Arizona, get inspired by local FIs and create your plan for transformation at the famous Ideation Center at DBSI. After all, seeing in believing—and we are happy to show you. 

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