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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


2 min read

Underrated Digital Signage Ideas

Underrated Digital Signage Ideas

Have you noticed over the past few years the amount of time you spend in front of a screen? Whether it be your computer at work, your phone out with friends, or your TV while at home, we are drawn to the light like moths to a lamp post.

Our obsession shows: people look at digital screens 50% longer than static (i.e. printed) signs1.

Clearly, when it comes to merchandising in the branch, digital can be the most engaging way to give clients warm, fuzzy feelings about your products.

But how do you make it awesome?  Absolutely beautiful?

Who else wants BETTER digital signage? 

Here’s a few tips to help you create the right content for your digital signage and real examples from banks and credit unions.

Game of Tones: Be True to Your Brand 

According to one of the greatest books ever written, ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’, there is a strong link between familiarity and trust. Familiar things require little effort to process mentally, therefore we are more likely to feel at ease around it.

As with all your branding materials and brochures, your digital signage should be aligned to your brand. Don’t just throw up a template screen. The voice, look, and feel should say “you”. Be genuine, personable and consistent with your messaging.

For example, the two digital examples below are very different—not only in the design, but the copy tone as well:

KISS: Keep it Super Simple

All too often, we see digital signage crammed with so much text, it’s practically a brochure. Yes, you want to give as much information as you can about your great loans, but too much…and nothing gets remembered.

Using fewer words builds trust. So remember K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple). For dynamic (non-interactive screens) a good a rule of thumb is to make the entire message readable in 7-10 seconds.

Always focus on a single promotion, like the examples below:

Move the Details to Interactive

How do you reap the benefits of people engaging with digital signage 50% more than static when it comes to your brochures?

Go interactive.

Interactive (touchscreen) digital signage allows readers to stay on a particular page as long as they want – giving you more room when you have a lot to say. Whether that be a brochure item, or even the history of your financial institution, interactive gives you flexibility to go long.

Even better? Interactive digital signage can replace all of your paper brochures, too.

Survey Says: Make Content Fun and Entertaining

Digital content gives you way more options to have a little fun with your products, services and brand. Think games, quizzes, and other educational tools.

People are naturally drawn to challenges, contests and ways they can learn about themselves. Think you’re ready to play?

Take a look at this interactive digital signage example of a quiz used to promote car loans:

Simple Simon: Use a Short Call to Action

Call to actions (CTAs) are deceptively powerful, yet often forgotten. Pointing out the next step or way to obtain the benefit, needs to be clear and concise. For more tips on writing killer CTA’s check out this article here.

The Burrito Technique: Multiple Campaigns and Social Media

If you got the marketing goods across several channels, use it and roll them all up into one digital campaign. Social media feeds and Community Boards are great ways to boost your social strategies and create an omnichannel experience with content you already have. Even better, you can help clients and local businesses promote their services too. The more “ingredients” the better (burrito)!

We’re Open: Platform Doesn’t Matter, Great Content Does

Last of all, great digital content can be done on any digital platform. So, if you’re struggling with digital content creation, let us help. The DBSI Digital Signage Agency can work with any platform and develop a plan that works with your existing agency or marketing team to create content that is relevant, fun, fresh, exciting and that will get results.

1 Intel “Field Trial of AVA

Want to see and test drive digital signage yourself? This plus 20 other Branch of the Future technologies are all at our Ideation Center, and of you're invited! 

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