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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.

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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


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Spring Cleaning: 4 Quick Fixes for a Better Branch Experience

Spring Cleaning: 4 Quick Fixes for a Better Branch Experience

Spring is in the air and your branch could use a refresh

As the bad weather clears tons of people are clamoring to get into your branches, right? Well if you are fearing that you will not experience an influx in patrons, there are some changes you are probably wanting to make. Did you know that 81% of FI executives want to transform but only 10% know how? Maybe you know you want to transform and how you want to change, but you don’t have the budget yet.

Does this sound like you?

You want to improve brand awareness while improving the client experience. But you need to reach this goal without a big budget, in fact, you actually need to find ways to cut costs and maximize profits.

If you feel like you are trying to achieve this goal with one hand tied behind your back...you are not alone. We have a seen in all and have gathered several strategies to help branches that are in need of some help quickly and cost-effectively.

Want to make some changes now? Get the guide on the full strategy behind all of the ways to revamp your branch without breaking the budget.

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#1 New Lead Generation Strategies

Trying to attract new clients by putting a “Free checking” sign outside of the branch isn’t cutting it in today’s market. You need to find ways to engage your community with the things they care about—their money. Everyone wants to know if they are on track to hit their financial goals or what they need to do to improve. Use that need to show potential clients how you can help them. Position yourself as the best choice as a banking adviser with our app Financial HealthCheck. The app can be used outside your branch to target potential customers in your community and then encourage them to set up services with you. It can also be used inside your branch to increase product awareness while your customers are waiting.

#2 How to Use Your Space to Cut Costs

Are your branches still set up to cater to a different time? Do you have tons of teller lines, that you rarely staff? Use this space for more self-service options that can take on some of the high-cost transactions. We threw out the playbook on ATMs and created a machine that tackles more transactions and frees up your tellers (their lines) for more conversations that have opportunities for up-serving. NEXT is the self-service machine of the future that you can have in your branches right now. 

#2.1 Optimize Branches With Low-Traffic, High-Potential

You can also optimize your current hardware with software that allows your employees to move freely in the branch. From the perspective of a client, the in-branch and up-sell experience goes from feeling like a salesperson is trying to hit their quota to an advisor helping you reach your goal. This works best in branches with low traffic that have high-potential such as a branch in an affluent area. Check out RTA and all it has to offer. 

#3 Clean It Up

This one may be obvious for spring cleaning but it is easy to forget about the details of your client’s experience. Take a look at your branch through fresh eyes. As if it was the first time you were entering the branch as a new client. Would you be impressed or would you notice the faded parking lot spots, potholes, and outdated ceiling tiles?

#4 Marketing Material Refresh

Are your marketing materials getting read? Or are they collecting dust on an outdated stand? We’ve seen it all and the people have spoken: It’s time to update your signage! Digital Signage is part of the branch of the future. It actually saves money when compared to constantly updating brochures. It also captures the attention of your clients better than any brochure. So the work you put into your messaging doesn’t go unnoticed and untested. Put more purpose behind your signage to breathe new life into your messaging strategy. You marketing people will be happier and your clients will gain a new understanding of all of your products.

Ready to make a branch refresh a reality? Download the guide to get all the details to make this happen.

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