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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


2 min read

“Here’s Your Sign” Your In-Branch Signage Is Being Ignored

“Here’s Your Sign” Your In-Branch Signage Is Being Ignored

As bankers, a goal is to help clients learn about the products and services your financial institution offers and how they align with their financial needs. One problem: the current tools used to engage clients (AKA static signage) aren’t all that exciting, so instead of creating an appetite for discovery, your messages are being ignored.


Are your investments on in-branch communication going to waste? In the words of Bill Engvall, here’s your sign:

You Use Brochures, Posters & White Boards To Communicate With Clients

Let’s face it, there is nothing special about that poster you printed 4 years ago that still hangs above the teller line; and it can’t be a surprise that the laminated paper sign you expect your clients to read is being ignored.  Not to mention, those whiteboards in your break room that require constant upkeep and often look outdated or messy, giving your branch the same vibe. Or what about those tri-fold pamphlets that become inaccurate every time anything changes, requiring expensive and never-ending reprints (and the death of more trees)?

If any of this sounds familiar, here’s your sign it’s time to update to digital signageThese outdated methods of communication only stand as barriers to a retail-friendly banking model. Not only is digital signage always up-to-date, eliminating costly updates, but it also grabs the attention of your clients and successfully delivers your branch messages, offers and more. In fact, virtual communications capture over 400% more views than static displays. 

Your Associates Struggle To Align Products & Services To Client Needs

Outdated brochures and uncomfortable 'salesy' conversations just don’t cut it anymore; the modern client needs to be engaged with and advised. Static, outdated information only kills their appetite for discovery and delays their action toward egaging with your offerings. Because of this, many financial institutions have initiatives in 2019 to make the shift from transaction to advisory, and part of that process means rethinking the way promotional messaging and product/service offerings are delivered to clients. 

If you're noticing a small wallet share among your clients or a lack of advisory-style engagements in your branch, here's your sign you need to update to digital displays. With interactive kiosks, financial calculators or surveys, and catchy digital displays, aligning products and services to client's needs has never been easier, leading to 43% of branches that use digital signage experiencing greater awareness of their products and services.

Note: Speaking of making the sales process easier than ever, The Digital Signage Agency recently released The Financial Health Check App, a web-based survey clients can use to test their financial health among others in their demographics, while the associate can use the information gathered on the back-end to align your products and services. CLICK HERE TO EXPLORE THE FHC APP>>

Your Client Experience Is Less Than Excellent

As the banking industry adopts the trends of the retail environment, the need to provide clients with an excellent experience becomes more crucial to standing out from the branch next-door. The reality is that banking is a commodity so differentiation is important, and a bad branch experience can kill any chance of aquiring new clients, or retaining current ones.

Feel like long wait times, confining teller lines and offices spaces, or lack of universal associates are getting in the way of providing the most efficient service to clients? If you're using static sigange, you're not wrong. Here's your sign you need to level up your environment, and the client experience, with digital signage like community boards and video walls, which have a record of reducing perceived wait times by 35%.

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