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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.

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We are always looking to add talented, forward-thinking innovators to our team. If that sounds like you, you should apply for a role with us.


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Stop Missing Opportunities

Stop Missing Opportunities

If you've ever found yourself frustrated with the opportunities that seem to slip through your financial institution's hands and into your competitor's, you're not alone. You know that you have the best solutions to fit your target market's needs but something isn't clicking. It could be your messaging, the locations of your branch network, your products and services, or maybe your associates need training on how to have advisory conversations with your current clients. But enough with the bad news...the good news is that there are plenty of ways to identify and fix the problem. Gain more wallet share, capture more of the market, and cut costs when you solve for these common problems. 


Do you know if your messaging is working? You probably have a sophisticated system in place that helps you track different messaging on your website, email, and other digital marketing efforts. (If not, here's your sign to start!) But, what about the content you have in the branch? What do your current clients see? If you are using paper brochures that are collecting dust, or even if they are getting used, there is no way to see if your message is resonating. Digital signage solves a lot of in-branch messaging problems such as the ability to quickly make updates to rates or promotions, fix mistakes, and eliminate the need for printing services when you do an update. Interactive digital signage allows your clients to discover and explore your products and services on their own while waiting. Unfortunately, most firms offering interactive digital don't have a way for you to see the data behind each touch and swipe. These data points can be very valuable to test your messages and alert your associates to clients looking for more information. This is why we developed Incyte. To give you the Incyte you need to deliver the best possible in-branch experience. It also pushes notifications to your associates on their desktop, wearable device, or tablet.

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Branch Network 

Are your branches strategically located where your clients live, work and play? Your branch network strategy should also factor in efficiencies for branches that serve low-value transactions and not high-value advisory conversations. The branches with more low-value transaction can be optimized to fit the target need with technologies like NEXT or space efficient micro branches like Junxion. A balanced branch network includes micro branches, flagship locations and a well-planned headquarters. It should be based on your market's needs and the opportunities to give you the best results in gaining wallet share and cost-effective use of your associates and locations. Optimizing your branches doesn't have to be a costly endeavor. In fact, there are ways to re-purpose spaces or lease unused spaces to remain fiscally balanced. Check out our guide to cost-effective branch fixes

Products and Services

When everything else is falling into place but you are still not seeing the projected growth in products, it is probably time to give your associates some help uncovering client needs. Talking about someone's personal financial needs and goals can be uncomfortable no matter how much they have built a relationship with the client. We developed a tool that does more than just break the ice, it sets the stage for a comfortable and personalized conversation. Financial HealthCheck (FHC), is a survey given to clients to help them see how they compare to their peers and how on track they are to meet their financial goals. FHC can be used in the branch while a client is waiting or used as a tool to attract new clients. 

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Universal Associates and Training 

Most banks and credit unions say they have Universal Associates (UA) or Universal Bankers, but we have found is that the vision of a perfect UA doesn't match reality. Training your team to direct the conversation and become more of an advisor instead of just completing transactions can be difficult. Even if you have already found success in the area, you may not have all of the pieces to the puzzle. It takes more than just training to make sure your associates can find success as client advisors—the design of your space needs to encourage these collaborative conversations and give your associates the freedom to move to different types of workstations based on the client's needs. Your tech should also assist in the delivery of advisory service. Meaning, it shouldn't slow your associates down or tie them to one station. In the right space, with the right tools, and proper training your associates will be able exceed expectations.